contemporary artist

My art incorporates much of the encounters and influences I have experienced throughout my upbringing in rural Latvia and my life to date in London, England.

My work often reflects the contrast between the two worlds: complexity against simplicity, bold and bright against pale and opaque, systematic control versus chaos and friction.

My work has evolved many different forms and techniques - mixed media, photo based collages, sketches, oil and acrylic, abstraction and systematic methodology.

I enjoy working slowly as attention to detail is important to me but I can often go with my impulsiveness allowing energy and character to jump off the canvas; some of my best work has been created this way. Key areas of focus are the relationships between the light and the form, the colour and the texture along with what turns the typically perceived ‘common’ into something striking and extraordinary.

For me, the creation of ever challenging abstraction in my work is my driving ambition.  I want to discover new horizons through the exploration of cause and effect, human form, nature, urbanisation, science and technology etc etc …. I have no boundaries.



Fine Arts Degree  - Middlesex University

Art & Design – Working Men’s College - London

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